How to provide information that is required to create your website

This document is aimed at providing the specification for your website, please read the questions carefully and give thought to your answers. You may additionally supply written copy, images, sketches, diagrams & any other notes, either printed, emailed or on disk.

Download this document to fill in

We do not require answers to all of these questions, but please consider them before submitting your specification as it generally saves time in the long run.

General Information

1. Company Name
2. Point of Contact (name and phone number or email address)
3. How long has the company been trading?
4. How many locations do you have?
5. Please list them.
6. If your premises are hard to find please provide directions from the nearest major motorway or significant map feature.
7. Do you cover the UK? Worldwide? Or a specific locality?
8. Do you have any Accreditations or memberships? Please list any related websites
you want your website to link to.


9. Do you have a Logo? If so please enclose or email to us.
10. Do you have company colours? If so please email or enclose a sample. Or specify “blue & red” or a pantone reference or other colour reference. A “web safe” (colours appears the same on everyone’s PC) colour chart is available here.
11. Please list any website you like the look/feel/functionality of and give details (e.g. – we like the simplicity).


12. Do you specialise in a certain area? If so please detail below.
13. Please indicate your top keywords and phrases. These keywords and phrases are the words that search engines may use to locate your site in response to an inquiry.
14. Please provide any existing materials and information you think will help us design your site. Here are some examples: Photos of office etc, Testimonials and/or endorsements, History, Industry recognition/awards/memberships.
15. Please list one or two of your competitors...we will compare your site with theirs and highlight any useful ideas.
16. Is there anything else you would like to add?

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