How to set up a new email account

The purpose of this document is to provide our customers with help setting up their email.
Instructions are given here for Microsoft outlook though the principle should be applicable to a wide range of email applications.

In order to proceed you will need the following:
An Internet connection
An email account user name e.g. user1
An email account user password e.g abdefg
An email server name (POP/SMTP) e.g.

Getting Started

1. Open Microsoft Outlook
2. Select Tools / Email Accounts
3. Add a new account
4. Specify the email address you want people to see when they recieve email from you. e.g.
5. Specifiy the user name
6. Specify the supplied password
7. Specify the POP and SMTP servers to be your domain name e.g.
8. Send a test email

Additional Help

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